API Summary

The Cloud API allows you to connect Wahoo users directly to your mobile and web applications. Using the OAuth2.0 standard protocol, the API authorizes login/connection to Wahoo, and supports managing profile data, heart rate and power zones, and the upload/download of workout data to the cloud.

API Documentation

Unlike our IOS and Android APIs, the Cloud API has a live documentation site with a walk-through guide and code snippets to get started with implementation once your app is approved. Click the button below to access the full API documentation.

OAuth 2.0 Scopes

Scope is an important element of OAuth2.0 protocol, and limits an application’s access to a user’s account. An application may request one or more scopes for authorized use, and will be presented to the user in the consent screen. Once consented to, an access token issued to the application will remain limited to the scopes granted to the application.

OAuth does not define any particular value for scopes, since it is highly dependent on the service’s internal architecture and needs. For Wahoo Fitness, scopes within the Cloud API are limited to:

  • email
  • user_read
  • user_write
  • workouts_read
  • workouts_write
  • plans_read
  • plans_write
  • power_zones_read
  • power_zones_write
  • offline_data

For more information on Oauth 2.0, read more on oauth.net

Cloud Request and Approval

The Cloud API uses the public Wahoo server and authorizes user data. Because of this, Wahoo Fitness is currently limiting use of the API to those who request it, as well as provide more information about the scopes involved and the purpose of the application.

When you submit an application request to Wahoo, it will show up on your Developer Portal as pending approval. Be sure to include as much information as you can about your application so Wahoo can be confident in approving your use of the Cloud API.

Our Public API Agreement


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